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Hugs and Misses

30 Postcards of Awkward Romance

Make your creepy mailman blush with these postcards about court ship, love and marriage. Get two, one for you, and one for your significant other. Because who wants to share?

ISBN: 978-1-59474-733-5

Postcards of Awkward Romance

Stars and Swipes

30 Postcards of Awkward Americana

America. So young, and yet so full of stories. This exclusive book of postcards spins its yarn, with only a few major lies. Three words for you: Presidential. Nip. Slip.

ISBN: 978-1-59474-733-5

Postcards of Awkward Americana

What People are Saying

I chuckled so robustly, that my teeth nearly fell out.
- G. Washington
These postcards nearly killed me!
- Romeo
I have but only three words. Presidential. Nip. Slip.
- President Taft
I love these postcards so much I would kill for them.
- Cleopatra